Irish and eco friendly Christmas decorations to buy this year ( IMAGE magazine feature November 2020)


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  "Irish and eco friendly Christmas decorations to buy this year"


Blue and White Christmas decoration, €12,35, The Blackheath Pottery

Made by hand by ceramicist Babs Belshaw in her Causeway coast studio, these porcelain decorations are inspired by Chinoiserie. Each has a unique abstract pattern, and is finished with a shiny glaze.




"Ditch the plastic this year, and go for Irish-made decorations in gorgeous, naturally derived materials like wood, wool and ceramic.

As we ready our homes for the festive season, it seems that people are putting more effort into decorating than ever. And who can blame us? With little else to cheer us up at the moment, Christmas decorations and lights are popping up in windows earlier than ever, and we're not mad about it.

If you want to add to your collection of decorations, there's never been a better time to choose to support an Irish maker or retailer. While buying locally is inevitably better for the environment, ensuring products don't have to travel far, our wonderful local craftspeople naturally also work with renewable materials like wood, glass and wool, so it's definitely a greener choice.

Any of these decorations would also make a wonderful gift, such is the work that's gone into them. Here are some of our favourite decorations from Irish makers and independent stores."


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