The Not-so-Lonely Potter.

The Not-so-Lonely Potter.

Lots of professional potters prefer a quiet rural space surrounded by green fields and nature. My first pottery in County Wicklow was just like that. Lunchtime breaks walking up the fields with Harry the pottery dog. Peaceful and productive—--but a bit lonely. Twenty years of that and I might have lost the power of speech and became a pottery-hermit.

My First Pottery



Starting the Blackheath Pottery has changed all that in more ways than one. Aghadowey provides the green fields,but I can't think of the last time Harry and I were in one. A few miles from here is the glorious Atlantic beach of Benone—5 miles of bracing sea air. Refreshes the soul during summer and especially long wild- winter walks.That takes care of the inspiration part for me and Harry can chase the seabirds.

The Blackheath Shop


Then back to Blackheath House, how could I be a lonely-potter when there are four generations living in or around the house! The round kitchen table frequently has eight for dinner, aged from six months to ninety seven—the only two excused washing-up.

Now the key feature of my work-life is the cafe attached to the pottery. In the courtyard cafe you can see me at work and my wares are displayed in our little shop as you enter. Smiling at the customers as I am elbow deep in porcelain at my wheel is a true delight. I am sure it's reflected in my pots and tableware. I hope you agree and can feel the joy of my surroundings in my creations.



The first week we opened.One proud potter


Beauty is all around at Blackheath. I look forward to seeing you and please leave your comments.


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