Slowing down

Like everyone spending more time at home has made me slow down and take love in the smaller things. 

I realise how lucky I am to have access to a garden. I have always been interested  in gardening with my favourite tv show Gardeners world, but before this year I was living my life travelling between dublin and home 3 hours away twice a week running this part time. Time was very tight so this year my plan is to grow plants, vegetables and was given a bunch of dahlia tubers from my granny. Little did we know just how the lockdown has affected us all. Even on my short essential trips to the shops seeing everyone else's gardens looking exceptional. 

I have also started on indoor plants too first with a yucca which lives in the studio, what a difference a plant can make. I have named him Ramon and so far he seems to be living well, I made him a really big blue planter hopefully his home for life.

My second guy is a Monstera who has already grown 2 new leaves. I still need to make him a pot. I am thinking about a pink one with a bit of gold lustre. I will share a picture when that's done.

I would love to hear what has been inspiring you, have you had the opportunity to slow down a little.

Hope you are all safe and well


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