The Blackheath Pottery

Dinner Plate


Experience Everyday Elegance with Our Handcrafted Porcelain Dinner Plate

Made to order, please allow 3 weeks until dispatch. Indulge in the perfect dining experience with our exquisite dinner plates, meticulously crafted from porcelain and available in 5 delightful colors.

These plates have earned their place as everyday essentials in our household, perfect for both dinners and lunches. Their thoughtfully designed rim curve ensures that sauces and gravies stay where they belong, enhancing your dining pleasure.

Each plate is lovingly completed with an unglazed foot, revealing the pristine white porcelain, and adorned with our unique maker's mark. As a testament to their handmade nature, slight variations in color and texture may occur, adding to the charm and individuality of each piece.

Dimensions: H3 x W26 x D26cm

Add a touch of elegance and functionality to your dining table with our handcrafted dinner plates. Order now and elevate your dining experience!

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