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Large Jug and 4 Blue Tumblers set


Elevate Your Table Setting with Our Handcrafted Porcelain Large Jug and Blue Tumblers

Indulge in the beauty of this set, which includes 1 Large Jug and 4 Softly Thrown Blue Tumblers. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted and made to order, ensuring exceptional quality and a touch of uniqueness. Please allow 3 weeks for dispatch as we meticulously handcraft your items.

The Blue Tumblers, made from delicate porcelain, feature a mesmerizing swirl design. This exquisite detail is added while the tumblers are still on the wheel, creating slight variations that make each one truly special. These handleless tumblers are incredibly versatile, whether holding your toothbrush in the bathroom or serving a refreshing mojito on a warm evening. With a capacity of 350ml and completed with an unglazed foot stamped with our maker's mark, these tumblers are both practical and stylish.

Complementing the tumblers is our Large Jug, thrown in porcelain with a large rounded middle and a comfortable handle. This versatile jug is perfect for serving beverages at the table or displaying a lovely bunch of fresh flowers. Its unglazed foot and stamped maker's mark add to its charm, highlighting the craftsmanship that goes into each piece. The Large Jug measures H 24 x W 14 x D 14cm and boasts a generous capacity of 1.5 liters.

Please note that each piece is individually made, resulting in slight changes and color variations that showcase the material's beauty and our artisanal processes.

Embrace elegance and functionality with our handcrafted Large Jug and Blue Tumblers set. Order now to enhance your dining experience and enjoy the charm of Blackheath Pottery in your home! 

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