The Blackheath Pottery

Lavender Candle


A thrown porcelain tumble glazed in a celadon blue completed with a 24k gold luster band. 


The hand-poured candle is made from soy wax and organic lavender flowers scented with lavender essential oils

A pure lavender scent evokes a sense of calm in this busy world, a beautiful handmade gift for someone you love.

Once you have enjoyed your candle and it has burned away. You can either simply fill it with hot water to remove the rest of the wax and use it as a tumbler or pop it back in its box and bring it back to us and receive a discount off your next purchase. 


As each piece is individually made so there will be slight changes in each piece and slight colour variations, which is indicative of the material and the hand made processes.  



H9 x W8 x W8

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