The Blackheath Pottery

Mug Decoration Session


Discover the Art of Handcrafted Pottery: Join our Exclusive Mug Decoration Class!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of pottery as you craft your very own personalized mug in our exciting and intimate class. Let the magic of handcrafted ceramics and contemporary colors elevate your experience.

Sip, Create, and Savor: Enjoy a Complimentary Drink in Our Café!

A Journey of Creativity and Skill: Under the expert guidance of Babs, our master potter and creator of handmade porcelain tableware, you'll embark on a memorable journey learning basic decorating techniques and exploring the beauty of working with paper stencils. Unleash your imagination and leave your unique touch on every creation.

Crafted with Passion and Expertise: Experience the finesse of porcelain clay as you shape your masterpiece using our top-of-the-line tools and slips. Simply bring your apron and your ideas, and let your creativity flow effortlessly! 🧡

From Creation to Perfection: Once you've infused your artistry into the mugs, we take care of the rest! Your creations will undergo a meticulous firing and glazing process, ensuring they emerge as shining examples of craftsmanship. In just two weeks, you can proudly collect your treasured pieces, perfectly showcasing the uniqueness of handcrafted ceramics. For added convenience, we're delighted to offer a secure shipping option at an additional cost, allowing your masterpieces to grace your home with ease. 📦

A Taster Session for All Ages: This class is designed to cater to everyone, whether you're new to pottery or an experienced enthusiast. Ideal for those not quite ready to try the wheel, as well as older children seeking a creative adventure. 🌈

Craftsmanship, Creativity, and Connection 🌿

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